Why Get A Modular Tiny Home?

Why get a modular tiny home? 

When it comes to tiny living, what makes a modular tiny home better than a Tiny House On Wheels (THOW)?

The answer to that question came to us after years of trying, and failing, to provide tiny house seekers with a THOW they wanted. It turns out that this since a THOW is considered an RV, most folks are not allowed to live in a Tiny House On Wheels as a primary residence when on residentially zoned, private property. Normally, the planning & zoning controls what we’re allowed to do on our own land.  And living in a less expensive tiny house on wheels is not allowed. 

Historically, over 85% of inquiries for our tiny homes were from potential owners wanting a tiny house to use as a primary residence or residential rental. 98% of them were not allowed to do it. The reason was simple. Once your local planning & zoning office designates your land or lot as residentially zoned property, your home has to be a house on permanent foundation. And normally, a permanent home on foundation, built to local building code is required as a residence. So, since THOWs are considered RVs, they cannot be considered a residence on residentially zoned property. Even if put on a foundation.

Basically we have learned that a THOW is a great solution if you either live on “un-zoned” or “not residential” property, or wish to live on the road or an RV/Tiny House community. And even then, it’s not intended to be a year round residence. Plus, if you place your tiny house in an RV/tiny house park, you will also pay for rental on your lot. So that means a payment for your THOW/RV, and a payment for the rental lot in your park/community. Often that is not the best budget minded plan for most of the folks who reach out to Mustard Seed Tiny Homes looking for a residence or homestead.

So how do you live in a tiny home on your own land?

If you are looking for a residential solution for your tiny house dream, we recommend a modular tiny home. This solution best addresses the issues of legal placement, financing and property value. Modular tiny homes such as ours are considered actual houses that are foundationed on your residential property. And the best part is that it’s legal and functions within the norms of zoning, finance and insurance! So that means you can get a 30 year mortgage and homeowners insurance like a regular house. Except that is all costs less. Much less!

Some of the benefits of a modular tiny home versus a park model or tiny house on wheels (THOW) are:

  • Widely accepted for a legal, permanent placement for residence or rental.
  • Best for financing. Can obtain a 30 year mortgage.
  • Cost much less than a site built home. 20%-25% less.
  • A bit more space while still remaining smaller for the tiny lifestyle.
  • Becomes part of the real estate.
  • Appreciates in value over time versus the depreciation of an RV.
  • Modular homes are already “part of the system” of real estate, finance and insurance.

Here is a checklist of the steps we go through to make your modular tiny home a reality! And we will work with you step by step to make it all happen. 

  • Placement and transport access verification
  • Determine model and ballpark quote
  • Payment method – financing verification
  • Planning & Design Consultation
  • Drafting, engineering & modular code review
  • State modular model approval
  • Build Order Agreement
  • Your home build 8-10 weeks
  • Home site infrastructure (utilities, land improvements needed to receive your home)
  • Transport/Delivery
  • Home installation on site
  • Utility Hookups
  • Home site considerations leading up to your Certificate of Occupancy inspection

Click here for details about our modular tiny home process.

Contact us for more information or to get a ballpark quote. We currently offer four modular tiny home models to choose from with a fourth on the way! They are:

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